Time is not the Enemy

The Human Body is an amazing collection of synergistic entities controlled by what can only be described as innate intelligence. The body is designed to be totally self-functioning and self-healing.

We tend to think of healing when we suffer a cut on our arm or have broken a bone, but healing is a constant process of replacing old cells with new cells.

For example, red blood cells are replaced at a rate of about 100 billion a day, with one trillion total red blood cells in constant circulation.
The body is constantly analyzing what is happening within the body and what is happening in the environment outside the body and makes adaptive changes as necessary.

Aging can best be defined as the gradual loss of the body’s ability to respond to the environment.

Aging, per se, is not just the effects of chronological time, but also the abnormal stress we place on our body, which gradually breaks it down.
This is caused by a number of things by including inactivity, chemical pollution and neurological and postural stress.

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