Productivity Plummets Poor Posture

Your productivity is remarkably HIGHER with PROPER POSTURE and dramatically LOWER with POOR POSTURE habits! Productivity is a critical determinant of cost efficiency. Your level of productivity is a measure of your ability to take inputs and create useful outputs. Factors of productivity are the amount of time and resources utilized for the production of […]

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Saratoga Chiro-Shoulder Pain and Chiro Care

Chiropractic Relief for Shoulder Pain

If you have ever suffered from some type of shoulder pain then you know that it can stop you from normal everyday activities quickly.  But what can be done to ease the pain as you are healing?  We are so glad you asked!  We found a great article to help highlight the important role that […]

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Saratoga Chiropractic-Evolution of Low Back Pain

The Evolution of Low Back Pain Treatment

Low Back pain…just reading the words can cause pain for some.  Many people live with daily low back pain.  Sometimes it is a genetic condition and other times this is the result of an injury or accident.  No matter what the cause, it is never fun.  The good news is that the healthcare industry is […]

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Saratoga Chiro-Allergies and Chiropractic Care

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Allergies?

If you are like many is the Saratoga Springs, NY area, you are probably finding pollen everywhere.  It is indeed that time of year when the trees come back to life and the pollen flies.  Like many, you may be suffering from allergies.  So, how can we help?  Well, let us be your go to […]

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Saratoga Chiro- Fibromyalgia and Chiropractic Care

Fibromyalgia and The Chiropractor

Among the many chronic diseases that people may have, one of the most common is fibromyalgia.  If you are a fibro sufferer you may be “at the end of your rope” when it comes to dealing with the pain of this condition.  If you are like many, after a while the pain medicines just stop […]

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Saratoga Springs Chiropractor-BOSU


The BOSU (Both Sides Up) can enhance any workout as it requires you to use more muscles to stabilize your body. The BOSU can also be helpful in rehabilitation as demonstrated in a 2013 research study showing that unstable surfaces induces higher muscle activity with lower loads when performing a squat exercise. 1. BOSU® Oblique […]

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